Lesson 4

Philosophy and Communication

This lesson continues to consider the close evolutionary relationship between humans and chimpanzees, looking at how they communicate. There is a video about research on chimpanzee communication.

What is language? Is animal communication the same as language? How can we understand and evaluate different forms of communication? 

Skills used:

  • Curriculum: SCN 2-01a, SCN 2-14a, SCN 2-14b, SCN 2-20a, SCN 2-20b
  • Teamwork and group discussion skills.
  • Forming a reasoned argument and presenting it to the group.
  • Applying previously understood concepts to more applied or complex situations.
  • Creativity and reflection on unfamiliar situations.

Key Resources:  (All resources can be downloaded in one go on the quick download page.)

Lesson slides, L4 – Lesson slides, prompting discussions on the different kinds of communication and language.

Lesson plan, L4 – Outline of the lesson activities and the associated skills and resources.

Teacher notes, L4 –  More detailed information surrounding the discussion of language and communication, as well as instructions for the non-verbal communication task and chimp language activity.

Annotated slides, L4 – Instructions for teachers, associated with the particular lesson slide.

Worksheets:  (These resources can also be easily printed as part of the student work booklet)

Chimp communication worksheet – Worksheet associated with the chimp communication task on slide 11 (including the tasks for the teachers to allocate) and the video comprehension from slide 13.

Additional resources: 

A Brief Guide to Language – Some background information on how language develops, what language actually is, and the main differences between human and ape communication.