Lesson 6

Testing Your Ideas

Lesson 6 brings together much of the information and thought from across the program, focusing on how researchers generates questions and how they test their hypothesis – pupils are encouraged to develop research questions and hypothesis for the experiments previously studied.  Other questions include:

How do you pick out the key information from an experiment? How have your ideas changed about intelligence and animal minds? 

Skills used:

  • Curriculum – SCN 2-01a, SCN 2-11a, SCN 2-14a, SCN 2-14b, SCN 2-20a, SCN 2-20b
  • Analysing and evaluating previous topics – developing models, questions and solving problems.
  • Providing structured and well reasoned arguments, using evidence.
  • Independent and group work.
  • Reflection and synthesizing.

Resources: (All resources can be downloaded in one go on the quick download page.)

Lesson slides, L6– Lesson slides prompting discussion through pictures and questions. Associated video links also attached.

Lesson plan, L6 – Summary of the lesson aims and tasks, providing an overview of the skills and resources required.

Teacher notes, L6 – more detailed information about the lesson, providing detailed task instructions and further information for teachers.

Annotated slides, L6  – Additional information attached to the relevant slide.

Worksheets:  (These resources can also be easily printed as part of the student work booklet)

Developing questions worksheet – Activity sheet for the researcher questions task on slide 9.

'How Intelligent?' scale  – Measure of how intelligence certain things are. This is a repeat of lesson one (so resource can be reused from there if possible), allowing pupils to see how their ideas about animals have changed. Associated with slide 25.

Images for intelligence task – Images for the above task.

Post-program pupil questionnaire (0 downloads ) – reflective questionnaire for pupils after the lessons. This can be used by teachers to measure development. Researchers would also be extremely grateful if these questionnaires could be passed on to aid further research. For more information and details of how to do so, please look here.

Post-program Teacher Questionnaire (56 downloads ) – questionnaire for teachers to complete after leading the sessions. As above, please pass this on to the researchers.

Additional resources: 

Credits for images – Details of photographers etc.

Acknowledgements – Further details and credits.