Lesson 3

Psychology and Thought

This lesson considers similarities and differences between humans and chimpanzees, looking at shared ancestry. There is a video about a piece of research carried out on capuchin monkeys and babies.

How do we compare to our ancestors? How can we find out about other minds? What are the strengths and weaknesses of research about animals? 

Skills used:

  • Curriculum: SCN 2-10a, SCN 2-11a, SCN 2-14b, SCN 2-20a, SCN 2-20b
  • Team work and communication.
  • Reporting information.
  • Application of new ideas to the scientific method.

Key Resources: (All resources can be downloaded in one go on the quick download page.)

Lesson slides, L3 – Lesson slides with in-bedded videos and prompt images.

Lesson plan, L3 – Lesson plan, primarily summarizing content and learning intentions.

Teacher notes, L3 – Further notes on the content of the lesson plan, including instructions for the non-worksheet activities.

Annotated slides, L3 – Additional information specific to the different  lecture slides.

Worksheets:  (These resources can also be easily printed as part of the student work booklet)

Blank primate family tree – Blank tree to fill in with images below, showing the evolution of primates. (Slide 7, answers on slide 9)

Images for primate family tree task– Primate names and images for task above

Primate hands – More developed adaption task sheet, slide 11

Capuchin monkey video, viewer response sheet – Video comprehension sheet for the video on slide 16