Lesson 2


This lesson introduces further philosophical ideas about the mind, and introduces the topics of evolution and the scientific method. Other questions that the lesson considers includes:

How do animals adapt to the environment? How do scientists carry out research? 

Skills used:

  • Curriculum: SCN 2-10a, SCN 2-11a, SCN 2-14b, SCN 2-20a, SCN 2-20b
  • Group discussion
  • Scientific methodology – such as following evidence.
  • Analytical and evaluative thinking.

Key Resources: (All resources can be downloaded in one go on the quick download page.)

Lesson slides, L2 – Slides for the lesson, including discussion starting points and video links.

Lesson plan, L2 – Lesson outline, detailing the lesson intentions, skills and success criteria.

Teacher notes, L2 – Detailed notes going into the background of discussion raised, detailed activity instructions and equipment etc.

Annotated slides, L2 – Additional teaching notes alongside the presentation slides.

Worksheets:  (These resources can also be easily printed as part of the student work booklet)

Beakless finch worksheet – Task to identify evolutionary change, associated with slide 5.

Beak matching worksheet – Activity for slide 7, considering which finch beak suits the environment best.

Additional resources: 

A Brief Guide to Evolution – Background information on evolution – featuring more detail about DNA, the time scheme of evolution and the evolutionary process. There are also specific sections detailing the evolution of the mind and how animal research can help inform our understanding of this.